The Networked Robotics Tempurity™ System and HACCP Regulatory Requirements

Use the Tempurity System from Networked Robotics to efficiently, and cost-effectively meet the requirements of your USDA or FDA-regulated operations.

Your HACCP plan will require you to analyze the food safety risks in your organization. In most cases, temperature will be an important factor in the storage requirements of your product. Because Tempurity is network-based, the temperatures from all of your freezers and rooms; in a single building or warehouse, in multiple buildings, or from many different sites can be collected without the need for additional wiring or expensive infrastructure. With Tempurity, you can eliminate the cost of manual temperature recording procedures or cumbersome chart recorders. You will also rest easier knowing that the next time your freezer fails, or someone leaves the door ajar, that you will be quickly notified.

The Tempurity System is based on the revolutionary NTMS (network temperature monitoring system) hardware, a small, Ethernet network device. For common food temperature monitoring applications, advanced digital temperature sensors are placed in freezers or rooms and connected to the NTMS (Networked Robotics uses other types of connections to collect a wide variety of scientific environmental data). A postage-stamp-sized green glow tells your staff that the system is connected and is capable of collecting data appropriately. Temperatures from every refrigerator, freezer, or room are stored on a single computer that can be located anywhere on your company network. These temperatures can be viewed from any PC on your network. 

Tempurity software is freely downloaded. It can be highly redundant. You can implement several redundant Tempurity Servers at multiple locations. The system alerts you via e-mail, cell phone text message, or voice phone call when any of your monitored devices go outside of their assigned temperature range.

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