Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Environmental monitoring equipment, such as the Tempurity™ System offered by Networked Robotics, has far-reaching applications. Appropriate for use in scientific, medical and food-related businesses. Tempurity allows environmental temperatures to be monitored from almost anywhere in the world. Such monitoring can maintain the integrity of biologics, compounds, and reagents, and even save lives.

Tempurity easily connects to any wired, wireless, or ethernet-over-power network. This allows it to monitor temperatures in more than one location. For example, if a research lab has a series of incubators in several buildings, Tempurity will connect them to your standard network in order to monitor the temperatures of each individual incubator's environment. If one incubator's temperature goes out of range, Tempurity will catch it and report it immediately.

Environmental Monitoring Equipment Can Save the Day

Power companies or individuals could also use the Tempurity equipment to keep tabs on the internal temperatures of homes on their grids. This could help monitor energy use or even help relatives of the elderly prevent deaths during heat waves or deep freezes. If the temperature in someone's home becomes dangerous, the power company would know and could dispatch help to that location in a timely manner. Because the Tempurity equipment allows users to set alarms when temperatures go above or below certain levels, the system can be customized for use in almost any environment. From anywhere, users can direct alarms to be sent via e-mail or text messaging.

Environmental monitoring equipment from Networked Robotics is available now. Let us show you how Tempurity can be a vital part of your business operations. Call or e-mail us today to explore the possibilities.

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