Environmental Monitoring Systems

Environmental monitoring systems are essential components of research facilities, hospitals, manufacturing companies, food storage and retail food businesses. In businesses such as these, maintaining stable temperatures in controlled environments is critical to operational success. Even a slight temperature change could mean disaster.

The food industry is a prime example of an overall umbrella of businesses requiring environmental monitoring systems. Restaurants, warehouses and any companies that make processed or packaged foods need to ensure that perishable products are kept at consistent, FDA or USDA-approved temperatures. Prepared food and raw ingredients will quickly spoil if they are allowed to become too warm. Likewise, food may freeze and its texture may change if it gets too cold.

Keep Food Fresh with Environmental Monitoring Systems

By having environmental monitoring equipment that are wired to watch the temperatures in all of your food-storage devices, you can greatly reduce food loss. You will know when a temperature change happens and how critical that change is, allowing you to deal with it quickly. The Tempurity System, from Networked Robotics, is one of the first temperature monitoring systems of its kind, allowing you to monitor temperatures throughout all of your food-storage units, even from remote locations. Whether you're at work, at home or on a business trip, the Tempurity System gives you the flexibility you need to keep an eye on your equipment and its sensitive contents.

The Tempurity System is designed to be installed quickly and easily by almost anyone. However, larger organizations can choose to have it installed by a Networked Robotics professional. Call or e-mail us today to discuss how Tempurity can work for you.

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