Tempurity™ System Utilities

Autograph Tempurity Monitor, version 1.0

This version ot the Tempurity Monitor automatically creates graphs for all monitored devices in a date range. Use with CutePdfwriter to send to pdfs.  Win 7,8,10

Tempurity™ Daily Report - a customizable Python® v3.x utility for generating a report with a single daily reading for each day in any month for a single monitored device.


NTMS Configuration Utility, version 2.0

Reads NTMS unit configurations over a wide area network


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Excel® Template for calculating Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) from Tempurity System Data

Requires known activation energy for the substance stored,  or you can use an assumed value


Tempurityscanlist - a customizable Python® V2.5 utility for scanning the network and returning a file with a list of NTMS devices and their configurations

For loading NTMS list and their configurations into Excel


Excel® Template for working with Tempurity System Alarm Logs 

Sort alarms by device, time, etc.


NTMS Configuration Utility, version 1.0  (deprecated)

Alternative tool for configuring NTMS hardware across a wide area network. 


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Click to download the Tempurity Monitor Autostart  Utility v1.0  (deprecated)

For Tempurity Version 1.  This utility is used to instantiate the Version 1 Tempurity Monitor so that it is always running on your computer.

Tempurity Monitor versions 1.5 and up do not require the Tempurity Monitor Autostart

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