NTMS4i Specifications


The NTMS4 (Network Telemetry Monitoring System with 4 ports) is a standalone Ethernet network device. It operates with an IP address and a network MAC address that acts as the important "Networked Robotics Unique ID". The NTMS4 continually collects temperatures and other scientific and environmental data types from up to four (4) diverse data sources. These can be either direct connections to high-end scientific instruments from multiple vendors, or Networked Robotics' own advanced digital sensors. In general, each of the 4 ports of our NTMS hardware can collect data from any interface, or any data source, in any combination.


One of the primary functions of the NTMS network hardware is real-time data integration. Through individualized connectors or other kinds of interface hardware, the NTMS is able to access the communication ports of freezers, cryofreezers, incubators, shakers, and incubated shakers from multiple manufacturers in the computer language of each machine.

Temperatures and other kinds of environmental data are requested of the NTMS through the network by the Tempurity™ Server at time intervals defined at the server. The current default Tempurity System™ network-side data collection period is one minute. Data collection at the local level, between our NTMS hardware and the instrument, is more frequent.  It varies by interface, but generally data collection of new values is occurring every three or four seconds for each connected "monitored device".  The most recently collected data is reported when requested on the network-side.

See the Networked Robotics "Products" page, or the hardware documentation page for a list of our interface and sensor products and their associated hardware manuals.

NTMS 4i Diagram

Network Telemetry Monitoring System (NTMS4) network hardware


NTMS4i DetailedSpecifications

Operating temperature: Between – 30 and +30C

Network cable length:  300 ft

Connection to monitored device cable length: 300 ft

Bandwidth: 10 Mbs

Voltage: 6 -12 V DC

Power connector jack:  2.1mm

Current: 100 mA on active network

Power Usage (typical): 270 milliwatts

Monthly Electricity Cost to run (typical): Less than 10  

Monitored device ports: RJ-45 jacks

Time accuracy of measurement:  ~3 seconds

FCC Part 15:  Complies with FCC part 15 subpart A of FCC rules

Weight (less power supply): 89 grams

Dimensions (maximums): 4.32 x 2.20 x .87 inches

Communications Protocols:  TCP/IP Network, One-wire 0-5V,  RS-232

Scientific Instrument Protocols:   This list changes. See the NR product page and associated hardware manuals for each interface.


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