NETWORKED ROBOTICS CORPORATION Founder Woodford Receives University of Illinois Alumni Loyalty Award

EVANSTON, IL – September 11th, 2004 – NETWORKED ROBOTICS CORPORATION, a leader in laboratory automation providing temperature monitoring solutions, today announced that founder Mark Woodford has been honored with the University of Illinois Alumni Association Loyalty Award, awarded for “significant, notable, and meritorious contributions and exceptional loyalty, commitment, and service to the University of Illinois”. Woodford holds a M.S. in Bioengineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago . He was honored for his work in supporting the university’s events to help young engineers build their careers.


Networked Robotics was founded in 2004 by ex-Pfizer informatics researchers.

The company complies with all GMP & GLP standards and strictly specializes in network-based temperature monitoring. This narrow focus is the result of NR’s complete devotion to providing the highest quality temperature monitoring solutions. The company's founders worked for almost 20 years in the automation of scientific processes for G.D.Searle & Co., Monsanto, Pharmacia, and Pfizer where they were responsible for the automation of experiments in inflammation.

For additional information, contact: Mark Woodford, NETWORKED ROBOTICS CORPORATION at (847) 864 8578 or by e-mail at