Networked Robotics Corporation Releases the Revolutionary NTMS4

EVANSTON , IL – JULY 26, 2006 – Networked Robotics Corporation, a leader in laboratory automation and temperature monitoring solutions, today announced the release of the NTMS4 temperature monitoring device.

The NTMS4 is the result of Networked Robotics’ ongoing research efforts and represents the company’s commitment to providing customers with superior temperature solutions. The new device gives customers a level of ease of installation and flexibility that was previously unheard of in the industry. Networked Robotics' previous hardware version, the NTMS, was a device capable of monitoring the temperature of a single device/area. The company discovered that a large portion of monitoring applications being installed were for devices that were in close proximity. This inspired the company to revamp the NTMS. The previous hardware was completely redesigned so that the new device, the NTMS4, can accommodate up to four (4)  monitored devices. This results in significant savings for customers that wish to comply with government regulations and enhance the quality and safety of their products.

Networked Robotics has increased the capacity, scalability, and the overall quality of the temperature monitoring system, yielding a higher ROI than ever thought possible. As one of the only companies in the industry to provide free software with their product, NETWORKED ROBOTICS has successfully utilized technology to create better quality, safety, and regulatory compliance for their customers.

About Networked Robotics Corporation

Networked Robotics was founded in 2004 by ex-Pfizer informatics researchers.

The company complies with all GMP & GLP standards and strictly specializes in network-based temperature monitoring. This narrow focus is the result of NR’s complete devotion to providing the highest quality temperature monitoring solutions. The company's founders worked for almost 20 years in the automation of scientific processes for G.D.Searle & Co., Monsanto, Pharmacia, and Pfizer where they were responsible for the automation of experiments in inflammation.

For additional information, contact: Mark Woodford, NETWORKED ROBOTICS CORPORATION at (847) 424-8019 or by e-mail at