Remote Temperature Sensing

Far fewer scientific experiments would be ruined if more labs invested in remote temperature sensing equipment. Such equipment allows anyone with access to a compatible computer system to monitor the temperatures of storage facilities or scientific equipment like ultracold freezers, cryofreezers, or incubators. The Tempurity System from Networked Robotics offers added flexibility by making this information accessible on wired or wireless networks.

At Networked Robotics, we know that any number of mishaps can happen to valuable scientific samples while in storage. Power outages, refrigeration malfunctions and mistakes in setting temperature controls can all damage or destroy delicate samples of biologic material. Unfortunately, it's impossible to predict when such events may occur. If no one is around when these things happen, there may not be an opportunity to salvage the product or critical research articles.

Remote Temperature Sensing Equipment Offers Solid Protection

The Tempurity System offers highly accurate and reliable remote temperature sensing. In fact, it can sense slight variations (about .1 degree C depending on the temperature) in the internal temperatures of your storage units. Based on parameters preset by you, the system will send alerts (we call these alarm notifications) whenever temperature fluctuations occur that are outside acceptable boundaries and last too long to be within the parameters of normal operation. Every variation in temperature is recorded to our servers, and you will receive alarm notices for serious deviations in temperature. You can even choose to get these notices at remote locations by text message or e-mail.

Use remote temperature sensing to your advantage. Always stay on top of quality at work and protect the integrity of the research you've worked so hard to build. Call Networked Robotics today to put the Tempurity remote temperature sensing system to work for you.

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